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Digital marketing for businesses in the pet industry

The pet industry is busy and time is limited for improving digital engagement with customers.

Fetchden helps you improve your digital channels with focus, efficiency and results within your budget.


Landing Page

User friendly and actionable website (subscribe, join, buy)

Intuitive design and easier navigation

Content that clearly shows your competitive advantage

Social Media

Create content for immediate and future postings

Schedule automatic postings for the next months

Paid social media ads and find influencers and partners

Blog Content

Blog posts for your website with key words

Engaging content based on facts and science

Click worthy titles that get more views

Email Marketing

Develop engaging and actionable campaigns

Leverage rewards, referrals and promotions

Develop and offer webinars, classes and events

How It Works



Learn how we can add value and help


Select a Plan

Agree on scope and cost within budget


Review Work

Provide feedback and apply changes



Evaluate results and share learnings

Intro with Juliana

Schedule a video call to explore your business needs and how we can help you